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Simple, open-source, privacy-friendly analytics for your website and for your apps. Multi-database support. Easy to self-host or use our upcoming cloud service.

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Core design principle for this project - simplicity. Storywise doesn't deliver bells and whistles. Here, we keep it simple!


With the self-hosted option, you can take full control of your data. No more uncertainty about where the data goes. You can literally bring your own database.

Open source

This project was born out of the desire to self-host. Storywise is open source so you can both self-host and trust what's under the hood.

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Why storywise?

Do we really need a new analytics tool? Short answer - YES!


Did I mention "simple"? Yes, think I did already. But damn, that's the best part - it's simple. It's easy to use. It's easy to setup. It's easy to understand. It's easy to love.


We support multiple databases - Postgres, MongoDB, SQLite (LibSql) and TimescaleDB. Depending on what you're comfortable with, you can use the database of your choice.

Export & import your data

The data is yours. You can export and import your data at any time, which makes storywise easy to backup and extremely portable.

Privacy under your control

You get to choose where you want to store your data. And you get to choose how you integrate storywise into your apps: cookie/no-cookie, it's up to you.

Less is more

Sure, storywise is flexible. But not overly-flexible. And it's by design - simplicity is key for any new features we add. We want to keep it simple.

Open to contributions

Missing a feature? Storywise welcomes community contributions. We're open to pull requests and feature requests.

The road so far...

Done so far

  • Time range selector (preset for now)
  • Unique visitors over time
  • General stats (total visitors, total pageviews, views per visitor)
  • Unique visitors per page (top 10 + more)
  • Pageviews per page (top 10 + more)
  • Top referrers (top 10 + more)
  • Top countries (top 10 + more)
  • Documentation website
  • MongoDB support
  • Postgres support
  • SQLite support (libsql)
  • Top devices - mobile, desktop, tablet
  • Top browsers - chrome, safari, firefox, edge, etc
  • Top OS - windows, mac, linux, ios, android, etc
  • TimescaleDB support
  • Export data to json


  • Import data from json
  • Privacy levels - sever-side only, client-side fingerprint, client-side local storage (current default)
  • Bounce rate
  • UTM tags
  • Custom events
  • User retention analysis
  • More database support. Examples - Postgres, TimescaleDB, Mysql etc

We're working on storywise cloud

Spoiler alert: it's gonna be awesome!

Want to join early?

At heart storywise is open source and made to self-host. However, for those who don't want to deal with the hassle of managing their own servers, we plan to launch a cloud version of storywise. It'll be the same open-source software, but we'll manage the servers for you.

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